Eversol DAO

Drive Solana’s further decentralization by supporting exciting projects via simply staking SOL

Eversol DAO in a nutshell

Stake SOL with Eversol and obtain the EVS governance token representing your voting power. The longer you stake, the more EVS tokens you get, and the more projects you can upvote.
Eversol Stake Pool directs a share of rewards to the Treasury operated by Eversol DAO.
The funds are used to finance projects vital for Solana’s further progress and development.
The community builds a list of contenders and upvotes those they deem worthy of financial support.

3 reasons to join Eversol DAO

Delegate SOL to the stake pool and receive EVS governance tokens granting you voting power.
You get to hand-pick and financially support the best projects in the Solana ecosystem.
Vote in promising Solana-based projects you deem worthy of being funded by Eversol DAO.

3 reasons why we launched EVS token

Provide Eversol delegators with voting power and let them play the key role in the distribution of Treasury funds. Incentivise delegators in the longer perspective.
Incentivise liquidity providers within eSOL liquidity pools by allocating EVS tokens as additional rewards for the liquidity provided.
Invite strategic partners from media, wallets, and liquidity providers’ community to boost the profit potential for stake pool delegators.

EVS Tokenomics

Max supply: 100,000,000 EVS, of which:
is allocated to EVS DAO Reserve;
is allocated to EVS Strategic Reserve and used to finance strategic initiatives, partnerships, marketing needs, as well as possible airdrops.
Submit a project for funding
Anyone can submit a Solana-based project that they deem worthy of financial support. Only worthy projects make it to the list as Eversol uses some selection criteria in order to exclude scammers and suspicious endeavors.
Submit a project

How to vote for projects

Deposit EVS tokens to the DAO interface. You can vote even with a fraction of an EVS token
Choose the proposals you want to upvote. You can support several ones simultaneously. The more tokens you have, the more proposals you can vote for
Wait for each proposal to reach a voting quorum during the specified voting period
You can withdraw tokens immediately after the proposal is finalized. If you do it before that, your vote will be canceled
You are entitled to use EVS tokens in whichever way you may prefer, once they are withdrawn (vote for another proposal or keep them liquid)

More to come: the EVS Partnerships Program

Further on, we are going to release an EVS Partnerships Program using the DAO Strategic Reserve’s funds (check our Roadmap). The program will seek to incentivise strategic partners to cooperate or collaborate with the stake pool in various scenarios.
  • Liquidity providers would be able to obtain EVS tokens in exchange for a considerable amount of liquidity added to liquidity pools like eSOL-SOL, eSOL-USDC, EVS-SOL, etc.
  • Media partners will be eligible to obtain EVS tokens for marketing or promotion services.
  • SOL-compatible wallets could integrate Eversol staking API and get EVS tokens as a reward.
The partners will be therefore able to enjoy all the benefits of owning EVS tokens, including the opportunity to finance the projects of their interest and later on use the tokens in third-party protocols to make additional profits via DeFi options like swapping, borrowing, adding liquidity, or trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Eversol sends 7% of pool rewards to the Treasury which, in turn, finances other Solana-based projects. Eversol DAO puts the share management and the allocation of funds in the hands of the community through the use of EVS, a governance token that entitles its owners to submit and upvote projects they deem worthy of financial support. You get EVS tokens for staking to the pool: the longer you keep your SOL staked there, the more governance tokens you get, and therefore, the more projects you can upvote.

Connect your wallet, deposit your tokens to the DAO, and then just choose a proposal from the list. Then you can use EVS tokens to vote for projects you deem worthy of financial support. The more tokens you have, the more projects you can help. The more worthy projects you upvote, the greater the diversity is in the Solana ecosystem.

The longer your funds are staked, the more EVS tokens you will get. Same corresponds to the amount of stake (stake more SOL to earn more EVS in addition to liquid eSOL). The more EVS you have, the greater is your power to influence the distribution of funds from the Treasury. The exact amount of tokens minted for stake depends on the time between the staking and unstaking transactions (being calculated progressively every N epochs). Read more.

EVS governance tokens will be minted automatically each epoch and issued to the delegator every N epochs. Initially, N=3 but is subject to change in the future. Every 3 epochs make up a conventional week (≈7-8 days). It doesn't correlate with the actual calendar week.

Check out the Docs where this is covered in great detail.

25% of the total EVS supply is allocated to EVS Strategic Reserve, which is assigned for maintaining strategic partnerships, marketing needs, and airdrops. The minting schedule of this Reserve is yet to be finalized.

Stake with Eversol and generate additional income from DeFi
Delegate SOL to stake pool and receive eSOL to generate additional profits from adding liquidity, swaps, and trading with our DeFi partners.
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